Our product portfolio includes Bag-in-Box packaging, suitable filling machines and various dispensers designed for packaging.


NOVOBIB bags are made according to international Bag in Box standards. They are suitable for all types of packaging machines designed to use of standard filling spouts. Depending on the structure of the filling machine NOVOBIB bags are delivered either as individual bags or bags in continuous perforated chain.

Novocold dispenser system

Novocold dispenser systems for NOVOBIB (standard gland tap with hose) and NOVOBOX (special dispensing valve) packs.
Novocold dispensing equipment represent modern design and are well fitted to various catering lines. Made of stainless steel they are hygienic, easy to clean and use. Refrigerated and controlled by thermostat Novocold equipment keep the temperature of drinks most enjoyable to be served to the customers.

Filling machines

Bag-In-Box pakkaukset pakataan niille tarkoitetuilla täyttökoneilla. Markkinoilla on olemassa puoli- ja täysi automaattisia täyttölinjoja. Myös aseptiseen pakkaukseen soveltuvia täyttökoneita on markkinoilla.

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Our values

High quality- and hygiene standards, a customer oriented approach and realibility of delivery are the key features in our daily work. Professional staff, own quality system and the production lines equipped with the latest technology quarantee the high quality and competitive products.

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