Standard bags

Standard sizes Standard sizes

Standard bags for 3, 5,10 and 20 litres are available direct from our supply stock.

Plastic bags of NOVOBIB are selected according to the storage time and gas (oxygen) permeability requirements. Inner bag is made of durable complete food grade polyolefin plastic material. The properties of outer bag depend on applications.

The general outer bag materials are:

- Products which need relatively short storage times

Co-extruded EVOH /LDPE
- An excellent oxygen protection assures long storage time
for products without any other special requirements

Co-extruded multilayer/LDPE
- Products for special protective requirements

The thickness of the bag is designed according to the size and the strain of the application

Special bags are made in dimensions required by the customer. Also the placement of the filling spout can be fixed according to the customers choice. When ordering special dimensions and structures the time of construction of the special tool must be noticed.