Novocold dispenser system

Novocold dispenser systems for NOVOBIB (standard gland tap with hose) and NOVOBOX (special dispensing valve) packs.
Novocold dispensing equipment represent modern design and are well fitted to various catering lines. Made of stainless steel they are hygienic, easy to clean and use. Refrigerated and controlled by thermostat Novocold equipment keep the temperature of drinks most enjoyable to be served to the customers.

Novocold dispenser system is an excellent choice to restaurants and bars where the fast catering tool is needed for delivering large quantities of drinks efficiently. It fits well for catering in schools, hospitals, kindergartens, garrisons, breakfast services of hotels, fast food and lunch restaurants.

We offer to Novocold dispensing machines equipped with valves for gland taps with hoses or for special valves designed to economical Novobox – bags. The replacing of the valves is very easy.